[How do women keep warm in summer?

[How do women keep warm in summer?

Gender behavior makes women worse and worse1.

Diet often and not meat.

In order to lose weight, many women keep their bodies without eating meat, and only eat vegetables and fruits, and cold salads are the favorite among dieting women.

In fact, cold fruits and vegetables, especially cold fruits and vegetables, such as celery, cucumber, bamboo shoots, watermelon, and pear, are often used to gather cold air.

Meat, especially red meat, is a sun-drinking substance. Beef and mutton contain a lot of iron, which can effectively prevent anemia and is beneficial to women.



White-collar women sit and watch computers every day at work, watch TV after work, have a car to pick up and drop off, and buy a fitness card several times a year.

As everyone knows, sedentary prone to blood stasis in the pelvic cavity is prone to complications in the long run.

And exercise has the effect of rising sun, can dispel cold evil, protect women’s health.


Can’t live without the air-conditioned room, love to wear navel clothes, low waist pants, low-cut shirt.

In summer, women most like clothes with little cloth, but if they wear navel clothes, low-cut shirts, and stay in the air-conditioned room, the cold can easily enter, and breast disease and dysmenorrhea easily follow.


Passion for cold drinks.

It is understandable to order a cold drink in the hot summer, but the cold drink does not leave your hand, and even replaces the daily drinking water. Ice cream is also unwilling to come, which is extremely unhealthy to the body, and is particularly likely to cause dysmenorrhea.