[Effects of Wild Roses]_Action_Benefits

[Effects of Wild Roses]_Action_Benefits

Many people like to drink scented tea, and there are many types of scented tea. Rose scented tea is a common scented tea. If you often drink scented tea, it has the function of beauty and beauty, and it is very nourishing and good for the bodyThere are also many, especially women with dysmenorrhea. The effect is very good. Women usually drink rose tea to stabilize their emotions and keep themselves comfortable.

The medicinal effect of rose flower 1. Eliminate fatigue: Rose flower has the effects of reducing fatigue, soothing mood, giving off depression, and strengthening physical fitness.

2. Regulating qi and blood: Roses have the effects of regulating endocrine, enhancing blood circulation, strengthening the spleen and liver, and enhancing qi and blood.

3, beauty and beauty: roses have the effect of beauty and beauty, can moisturize the skin, eliminate dark spots, improve skin tone.

4. Regulating menstruation and analgesia: Rose flower has adjuvant treatment for women’s dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

Rose related alkalinity 1, “Renewal of Materia Medica”: soothing liver and gallbladder, strengthening the spleen and reducing fire.

It can cure cold and pain in the abdomen, cold in the stomach, and can break blood.

2. “Summary of Compendium”: Hexue, Xingxue, Qi.

Govern the wind.

3. “Dietary spectrum of living with interest”: tune in blood circulation, soothing depression, relieving evil, and liver.

Brewing can reduce lactation.

4, “Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: used for women with more menstrual periods, under the vaginal discharge and general enteritis.

Rose medicinal choice 1, cure liver stagnation and vomiting blood, irregular month flood: three hundred rose stamens, first bloomers, to the heart.

Freshly dip the water into the sand to take the thick juice, filter to remove the residue, and then fry. The white rock sugar can be collected in one pound, and boiled in water sooner or later.

The porcelain bottle is tightly closed, do not be discouraged.

If you specifically regulate menstruation, use brown sugar to collect cream.

2. Govern liver and stomach ache: Roses are dried in yin, and tea is made on behalf of the soup.

3. Cough and vomiting blood for treating lung disease: stewed with sugar and fresh rose flower.

4, Zhixinjiufengbi: three dollars for roses, safflower, one dollar for all angelica.

Decoction and decoction, seven drinks of good wine and kimono.

5, cure liver wind headache: four to five roses, three to four money broad bean flowers, soak water for frequent drinking tea.

6, treatment of aphthous ulcers: dried rose decoction.

7, milk cream: seven roses, seven cloves mother.

Ashless wine decoction.

8, the beginning of treatment of swelling and poison: roses to the heart, baked for the last money.

Good wine kimono.